David Graham's Laser Clay Shooting - Port Stephens

Shoot and score! Get into the great outdoors and experience the thrill and excitement of shooting ‘laser disc’ clay pigeons catapulting through the air. This dynamic and interactive activity

  • Fire an authentic 12 gauge shotgun!
  • Clays with omni-directional reflective tape are fired from a launcher; you and your group will use 12 gauge shotguns which have been converted to fire harmless infrared beams.
  • Up to five players can shoot at the same time. When a shooter scores a hit, the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers a “HIT” on the scoreboard. Authentic sound effects enhance the experience.
  • The computerised scoreboard tallies up hits and allows several different forms of competition to take place, catering for all levels of expertise.
  • Laser Clay Shooting is environmentally safe and approved by the NSW Firearms Registry.

Sessions: $20 per person 30 clays. Minimum 2 people  (Corporate by appointment only)

Participants must be 18 years and over if accompanied by a legal guardian 15 years and over

Equipment and safety information is provided by a fully qualified instructor at each session.




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